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Parlement - 5 min. walk from our establishment

L'Observatoire de la Capitale - 7 min. walk



The 19th-century, Louis XIV style Parliament Buildings are the home of the National Assembly of 125 province representatives. This imposing and beautiful 1886 building just outside of the city walls. The design is quite interesting, as the architect, Eugène-Étienne Taché, was inspired by the Louvre Museum in Paris. Illuminated at night, the buildings are open to visitors on guided tours throughout the day at no charge.


The 19th-century, Louis XIV style Parliament Buildings are the home of the National Assembly of 125 province representatives. This imposing and beautiful 1886 building just outside of the city walls. The design is quite interesting, as the architect, Eugène-Étienne Taché, was inspired by the Louvre Museum in Paris. Illuminated at night, the buildings are open to visitors on guided tours throughout the day at no charge.


Citadelle -Changing of the guards-unique in Québec !-3min.

Place Royale - 10 min. walk



La Citadelle is the most important fortification built in Canada under British rule. The construction of the outer walls began in 1820 and it took 30 years to finish its construction. La Citadelle is an active military garrison and cannot be visited individually. Guided tours of 60 minutes are therefore offered in French or English. The guided tour will provide you information about the American attacks, the construction of the fortress and its buildings. .


Birthplace of French America, the historical site of Place-Royale welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Its narrow and picturesque streets have witnessed three centuries of history. Some of its buildings are a component of the cultural complex managed by the Musée de la civilisation, responsable for the site's animation and interpretation.



Battlefields Park / Plaines d'Abraham - 7 min. walk

Le park du Bois de-Coulonge - 10 min. by car



Nestled between Quebec City and the majestic St Lawrence River,The Battlefields Park, better known as the Plains of Abraham, is one of the world's most prestigious parks. The site of many clashes between the French and British empires in their struggle for domination, the Park was the scene of the 1759 battle that changed the course of North American history.


Bois-de-Coulonge overlooking the St. Lawrence River from atop the cliff is one of the most picturesque public parks in the city, this 24-hectare site is well known for its gardens, the beauty of its plants and the vestiges of its long history. Birdwatchers and people out for a stroll enjoy walking along the many trails criss-crossing the grounds.


The Fortifications of Québec City - 2 min. walk

Domaine Maizerets - 10 min. by car



Erected under both the French and English regimes in order to safeguard the city, the Fortifications of Québec bear witness to the evolution of Québec's defence system from the 17th to the 19th century. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, Québec is the only historic district in North America to have preserved its ramparts. Today, the numerous bastions, gates, and defence works still encircle the old city.


The Maizerets Estate, a patrimonial and historical site, has travelled down the ages as a magnificent greenspace since 1705. With its large grassy areas, arboretum, gardens and historic buildings, the park is a great place to enjoy nature in the city. Nature and bird-watching in the summer, cross-country skiers and snow shoers take over the grounds in the winter. A bike path extends from the Montmorency Falls to the Old Port.


The Artilery Park - 2 min. walk

The Cartier-Brébeuf - 15 min. by car



Located near St. John Gate, in the very heart of Old Québec, this site bears witness to over 250 years of history. Today, you can discover one by one its unique buildings and other installations that reflect the military and industrial history of Québec.


The Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site commemorates the period in 1535-1536 when Jacques Cartier and his shipmates wintered near the Iroquoian village of Stadacona. This National Historic Site also recalls the establishment of the first residence of the Jesuit missionaries in Québec, in 1625-1626.


The Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Québec - 3min.walk

The Montmerency Falls Park - 15 min. by car



In 1633, on part of the actual site, a humble votive chapel dedicated to the Virgin was built by Samuel de Champlain. It was rebuilt three times after fire and destruction, always on the same site. Rebuilt, in 1647, as Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, after the fire of 1640, it became North America’s first parish church and was solemnly consecrated by Mgr de Laval in 1666. .


The falls are 83 metres high, 27 metres higher than Niagara Falls. A cable car takes visitors to the top for a hike to viewing belvederes and the suspension bridge over the cascade at the top of the ridge. This park offers a multitude of activities for the entire family. In the summer, walk across one of two suspension bridges or through miles of parkland trails.


The Mont Sainte-Anne - 25 min. by car

The Adventure Flight-Québec Montgolfières 20 min. by car



You’ll find out a variety of services at Mont-Sainte-Anne: quality rental and maintenance equipment, restaurants all around the mountain, many different activities, and that’s a part from the wonderful skiing and XC skiing terrain. With quality installations, and trails for all levels; for you, Mont-sainte-Anne will become synonym
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A traditional flight allows you to experience hot-air ballooning in a safe and relaxed setting. The activity should take between 4 and 5 hours altogether, including the flight.Admire the beauties of Quebec’s landscapes by flying over the Quebec City region. This trip with Skyline Balloons will give you multiple extraordinary sensations.Experience the freedom of a hot-air balloon flight.


La Musée de la civilisation de Québec - 10 min. walk

Musée du Fort - 5 min. walk



Inaugurated in 1988, Musée de la civilisation is a modern state-run museum located in Québec City near the Place Royale historic site. Known as one of the most popular museums in Canada.
85, rue Dalhousie


Musée du Fort is recounting the rich civil and military history of Québec City from the time of its founding. Visitors will better understand how Québec City earned its reputation as an impregnable site.
10, rue Sainte-Anne


La musée de Beaux-Art - 4 min. by car

Le Musée de l'Amérique Française - 5 min. walk



Inaugurated in 1933, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec has become the living memory of art and artists of Québec Province. It features more than 30,000 works and art objects from the 17th century to the present day. Champs-de-Bataille.


A tour within the Francophonie of Americas! Located one the Séminaire de Québec site created in 1806, this museum is considered as being Canada’s oldest. It is basically a museum that reflects both the contemporary and the historical dynamism of French culture in North America.2, côte de la Fabrique


Le Musée de la Place Royale - 10 min. walk

Morrin Center - 2 min. walk



This museum tells visitors about Place-Royale, one of North America’s oldest quarters. Multimedia presentation, exhibits displaying rich collections, guided visits, cultural and educational activities introduce you to the area’s 400 years history.
27, rue Notre-Dame.


Guided tours take visitors through the dark cells of Québec City’s common jail (1813–1868), the Morrin College lecture room and scientific laboratory (1868–1900), as well as the library of the Literary and Historical Society of Québec (1824 to the present).
44, chaussée des Écossais


Le centre d'interprétation de la vie urbaine - 10 min. walk

Fortifications of Québec-National Historic Site - 2 min. walk



The interpretation center is housed in Maison Chevalier. Built in 1752, the building represents a fine example of urban architecture in New France.
50, rue du Marché-Champlain.


Québec City is the only remaining fortified city in North America.Built under the French and English regimes to protect the city, the imposing walls exemplify the development of defensive systems in use from the 17th to the 19th centuries. 100, rue Saint-Louis


Musée Royal 22e Régiment -3 min. walk

Musée Naval de Québec 10 min. walk



The Royal 22e Regiment Museum, founded in 1950, maintains a collection of historic documents, cannons, and portable weapons as well as collections of insignias, medals, and uniforms. Côte de la Citadelle


The Naval Museum of Québec relates the military history of the St. Lawrence River and the Canadian Naval Reserve in an unusual way through historic accounts and little-known stories.
170, rue Dalhousie


Musée des ursulines de Québec - -2 min. walk

Musée des Augustines de l'Hôtel Dieu de Québec -4min. walk



This splendid museum in Old Québec illustrates the life and the teaching mission of the Ursuline Sisters from their arrival in Québec City in 1639, and explains the religious and social history of the city.
12, rue Donnaconna


Located in the vaulted cellars of the old monastery of the Augustinian Sisters of Québec City’s Hôtel-Dieu (hospital), this small museum recounts the lives of nuns who came from France in 1639 to found the first hospital in America north of Mexico. 32, rue Charlevoix